COVID, Quarantine and Mental Health

Mental Health

Pandemic– a word that was only read in history books and articles, one never thought he would be experiencing it in his life. But the last few months have been nothing but a back-arching, head-scratching experience of the word “Pandemic”. To live in good health in this pandemic, meant to be in Quarantine. Which further causes severe effects on your Mental Health.

It is easy to omit and ignore and get extremely swamped and agitated when you are being attacked with messages and news on the global pandemic that COVID-19. And naturally, the constant ringing bells of the news flashes and notification alerts can cause major mental stress and one can become increasingly distressful.

So, without any doubt, the psychologist in the world suggests easing up. Relax, and prioritize your mental well-being in this critical situation. Even the WHO has appealed to the general public to avoid any kind of information and articles that can make a person “Anxious”.

Mental Health

Mental Health in this Pandemic

Mental Health

Even though the feeling of fear, tension, anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty is normal at this time. But Social Media can fuel anxiety triggers and make a person feel over-anxious and distraught. Only managing stress and developing an action plan can help a person to come out of such a situation. Seeking help from a professional is difficult since everyone is self-quarantining themselves, but proper use of the internet and video-calling applications such as Skype and Zoom can be helpful to get helpful therapeutic sessions.

Looking at our current situation in a positive way can also help to cope up with this dreadful situation. Spending quality time with our loved ones and not merely on smart gadgets and reduce the pressure on our mind.

People around the globe have adopted various methods to kill the time, feel less bored, and spend time with their loved ones and to be in a state of serenity.

Some of those methods are

Playing Games with Friends and Family

Some people are using the time to enjoy their time with loved ones, both online and offline. Games such as Ludo, Snakes, and Ladder, Monopoly, Uno, are the best time-kill for many families. Others are celebrating their own HOME OLYMPICS with various types of short-game-tournament. Online gaming is also at its highest right now with people engaging in games such as Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Minecraft, etc. Applications such as “House-Party” are also being discovered to kill time while having a fun talk with friends


Many people are also finding their hidden finger-licking food cooking talents. YouTube videos of various chefs are being watched by many to copy their various signature mouth-watering recipes.


A master piece By Nilanjana Das
By Nilanjana Das

People sitting in quarantine are becoming creative in all sorts of fashion. Some are writing poems, some stories, some are painting while the others are pursuing singing and dancing. Such artistic modes of expression are making people happy, entertained, and away from all sorts of Anxiety.

“Loving Oneself is like Loving God”

Practicing good Self-care is one key step to be healthy in everyday life, and so in the pandemic as well. Eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, and engaging in leisure activities are always key to helping you stay as physically and psychologically healthy in these stressful times. Good self-care also keeps your immune system robust. And as we all know by now, thanks to all those news articles, A healthy Immune System means a Disease-free body.

Even still, if your mental health is being impacted by the stress of the COVID, you should seek professional advice from a licensed mental health professional. Who can help you manage your fears while also empowering you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Stressing about the health and safety of your loved ones is understandable. But one also needs to keep this in mind that not only this communicable disease will cause problems. But internal mental stress can also cause many disorders. To prevent such things to happen, one should be sure to take care of oneself. Self-care can be practiced in the following way:

Start Working out

Mental Health

Of course, one of the best ways to practice self-care is to exercise. Moving the body parts, and pumping the heart to increase the blood flow in the system. There are innumerable mobile applications that can make a schedule and suggest the most perfect and correct exercises suitable for a certain body type. It is the best way to start a healthy habit for those waiting for “free time” to begin the work-out.

Yoga and Meditation-

Mental Health

It goes without saying, mental health and meditation go hand in hand. Meditation, as a lot of researchers tell, has major health benefits. And by now almost most of us know it has been proved that meditation can reduce anxiety. And even increase neuroplasticity, which increases the memory. Mudras such as Gyan Mudra and Varuna Mudra have many other health benefits also. There are numerous applications in the market in today’s date which help in meditation, which all the tips starting from how to sit and when to breathe.

Stay Connected-

Human is said to be a social animal. Society plays a very important role in a man’s life. Being connected to the family, friends and general social circle is very much essential for a person to maintain perfect health. A lone man is like an empty vessel, which is said to be a devil’s house. So, being connected, talking, sorting out issues, and not overthinking about every small decision of life is very important for a person.

The bottom line is that all the mental health experts around the world are insisting that people stay away from things that can trigger anxiety and impact their mental health. Stay in touch with news that is reliable. Do not merely read anything and forward on social media, keep in mind the other person can also be distressed.


If people begin to gather information from reputed sources, watch out for the symptoms. Reach out to mental and physical health experts, take measures like social distancing and personal hygiene. Along with proper diet, adequate sleep, exercise, and intake of water, they may be able to keep themselves mentally healthy, and boost their physical health, as well.


Seek the help of a medical professional if it is necessary. Home remedies are helpful, but always remember no one is yet immune to this deadly World-Locking Virus.

Be Safe

Be Healthy

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