HOW TO ESTABLISH A STARTUP: Tips by Saransh Gujral

The recipe to start a business or a startup is vast and compact at the same time. I believe that every idea is born with the ignition to shoot sky-high, make a difference in the lives of people, and its success to disappear high into the horizon.

Selling the solutions instead of ideas sounds like a better plan because building up a startup from scratch emerges from right here. Everybody dreams, chain the thoughts but some sleep over it, and very few people who wake up with dedication in their hearts, plans in their mind, and consistency in their actions to fulfill these dreams achieve them through pure hustle.

Here we have a few basic points to keep in mind while building the bedrock of their dream startup –


Every startup is based on the most interesting idea but doesn’t fail to understand that it requires to be flexible. Rigidity reduces the suitability and acceptability among the masses. Be open to new evolutions for it to spread worldwide with passing time.  Initially focus on constructing the good intention instead of the empire itself because that is what sells the services or products. Be calculative of your goals and risks. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain.


Now is the time to stop being an introvert or use your skills wisely if you are an extrovert. Interact with people and develop good relationships – that is how you network and make connections. Networking can not only take you places in no time but also turn the impossible upside down. In fact, you can extract individuals to form an entire team who will work in pure coordination to achieve your goals. The key is expression and absorption.

And most importantly, bow yourself in honesty to a mentor. An ignited fire directed rightfully can either burn the house down or run the entire factory. The statement says it all.


HOW TO ESTABLISH A STARTUP: Tips by Saransh Gujral
HOW TO ESTABLISH A STARTUP: Tips by Saransh Gujral

Make sure to connect with your audience as a transparent body and help them avail satisfaction.  Invest in a good PR team to handle your media front in order to provide all the necessary information in an organized manner. Focus more on studying the trends and keeping up with them rather than relying on anticipation. It is very important for the business to reach the right audience from the initial stages itself.


Do not miss the paperwork – it might seem boring but it will be your best friend in times of need. Always maintain the required official and legal documents like signed contracts, non-disclosure agreements to secure the information and avoid conflicts in the future. You definitely don’t want to divert your precious time and energy towards such avoidable matters.


Trust me when I say that a wise person knows when to pause. Do not drain your entire energy in one go unless you have no other priorities. Wearing yourself out at any time while building a startup will exhaust you and ruin the happiness of the preferable results. In fact, take proper breaks in between to relax your mind-body, and soul for them to rejuvenate and work in sync to increase your productivity. Know when to stop and clear the brain window to avoid fogging and promote clarity.  

HOW TO ESTABLISH A STARTUP: Tips by Saransh Gujral
HOW TO ESTABLISH A STARTUP: Tips by Saransh Gujral

Last but not least “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” It is completely fine if you messed up and need assistance – just ask for it.  Maybe asking for it early enough can save you from further mishaps. Don’t sulk over your failures. I don’t know who wants to hear this but it is here – asking for help will neither make you weak nor represent your self-worth.

In all the hustle-bustle and loud noises of your peers cheering you, dragging you down don’t forget to be patient and enjoy the journey. Because ultimately there is no destination to success. It keeps on increasing. There won’t be a specific point in life to which would mark the beginning of your happiness. Learn to Believe in the gap between fear and faith.

Focus on finding and placing all the rights together- right people, right resources, right audience, etc. The fruit that dedication, consistency, and hard work can together bear is sweeter than all the values combined.

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