Life in a Pandemic

Life in a Pandemic

Life in a Pandemic: A life we never Imagined.

A few months back, everything was normal.

Yeah, It was all good and cool and busy.

Everything was in a fast forward motion and suddenly one-day lockdown happened. I remember I wasn’t even aware of what this term ‘lockdown’ stands for. I literally asked one of my friends the meaning.
Funny, haha ….yeah I know.

I never thought that words like COVID, Quarantine, Lockdown, Social Distancing will change the Meaning of Life for millions of people around the world.

Before this lockdown everyone, Everyone was Chasing his/her dreams or struggling to get a better life. From scoring good marks in Exams to making a Career to Planning the future. Everyone was busy with their own stuff. But no one knew that we will face this side of life. No doubt fear of death is the biggest fear in this world. And this pandemic has taught us to live with the biggest fear in the world.

Living in this pandemic feels as if everything is on a standstill… feeling as if life is stopped for a moment and when this moment gonna end, no one knows..!

We all are living in this pandemic for really, it’s once in a lifetime. I know this lockdown is seriously getting on everyone’s nerves. But also this pandemic has shown us that phase of life and given us so many memories with our loved ones which we may not b able to experience in our busy schedules.

Life in a Pandemic
Life in a Pandemic

This pandemic has taught us the real meaning of every little thing that we have been taking for granted. From air to roads, walking by the streets, every little thing was just normal for us, now are the things we are craving for.
We’ve never thought that festivals and birthdays could be this simple. I mean like dressing up and staying at home with your loved ones is totally a bliss …no doubt.

And maybe staying home and staying safe is the new normal.

Also, this is a difficult phase of life but still have taught us the meaning of our relationships that we have for life ….to…celebrating the greatest occasions simply by just being with our families eating good food and staying home and sharing laughs.

From discussions with our families to enjoy every little thing or live every little moment to its fullest.Craving for every little thing that was just easily available a few months back.

Life in a Pandemic
Life in a Pandemic

To live with hope, strength, and positivity.

That’s all everyone needs during these difficult times.

Life is really unpredictable. This uncertainty of life is really fearful. As we all have some people with whom we are attached, our loved ones …for whom we have a constant fear …that what if, we lose them?…
Can’t even imagine..!

Even the strongest person in the world also suffers from this fear of losing his/her loved ones.

Every day there is a new headline. People are dying, cyclone appeared, earthquakes, animals dying, every day bad news…of course every day we are facing negativities that are regularly hampering our mental health and also bringing our moral down.

We should light up ourselves through positive thinking and spending each and every minute appreciating and loving our loved ones and also taking care of them and ourselves as well.

At last, I would just say…that we should value everything we are blessed with. And be positive, hopeful, and stay united in these tough times.
Spread love and happiness all around!

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