Alakkshendra Rawat (AIR)

Alakkshendra Rawat (AIR)

Vinayak Bhardwaj(VYNK)

Vinayak Bhardwaj(VYNK)


VR1-Krew is our first initiative towards developing “Hip-Hop” in the hearts of our audience, we are here to preach the art of emcees(MC also known as the “Master of Ceremonies” or the “Mic Controller” or as most of us know them by the name rappers) to its best. We hope to grow to a significant level with your love and support. We just assure you to give the best possible content through our tracks and keep you bangin’ to the flow of our verses and pumpin’ up the heat with our “Bars” and chorus. I hope that all the Hip-Hop fans out there gonna support their new emcees in the game to the best.

VR1-Krew has got 4000+ views in a very short period of time which is very motivating and sensational for all the upcoming rappers. They have created a large amount of success in just a few months which is a great achievement for these two college-going students. Many people think Rapping doesn’t have any future in India but these two guys are just proving them wrong every second. Don’t Believe me just listen yourself the way they are changing people’s mindset through there Raps.

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So the wait is over! JAWAB official lyrical video is out now. Welcome your new “EMCEES” in the game guys!

This is our “Debut” track, Please let us know your opinions about the song in the comment box. Like and Share the video and Subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon to stay updated to our future content.



Written and Performed By: AIR and MC Vynk Music

Rearranged By: MC Vynk Mix

Mastered By: MC Vynk

Video By: AIR

Silsile (Official Lyrical) | AIR | MC Vynk | Prod. By MC Vynk | (HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED)

So after a hell long time, our second track Silsile” is out now!!

Silsile” depicts the story of the ups and downs that all of us face at some point in life. We tried to be the voice of such people and also tried to convey how it feels like to be in the dark. “Silsile consists of the negative thoughts and the feeling of being down and also its counterpart ‘A Strong Ray of Hope” that we need to overcome that darkness!

We hope that you all will love it. Enjoy the “Silsile” ‘CHALTE AISE AAYE HAI OR CHALTE JAA RE SILSILE!!!


Prod. By:- MC Vynk

Written and Performed By: AIR and MC Vynk

Mixed and Mastered By: MC Vynk

Graphics and Video By: AIR

Kahaani |Official Audio| Team VR1 | (Prod. By Vynk) | #BhuloMat #WeAreOne  #MyDuty #WeNeedToUnite

#BhuloMat #WeAreOne #NoRape #MyDuty #WeNeedToUnite

Views ke liye nhi Views change krne ke liye bnya hai.


Here, we present our new trackKahaani” which is based on what’s going on in the ‘Samaj‘ recently, and which needs to be changed!

Spread awareness by sharing this track. Jaha share Karna hai vha share Karo jitna zyada ho ske utna kro or logo tak kahani pahuchao! Chaar din soch ke bhul jaana band karo, Candle marches se kuch nhi hota ab Action lene ka time hai.

Shukriyaa! –Team VR1 & Team STARVE


Written and Performed by:- Team VR1

Produced by:- Vynk Mixed

Mastered by:- Vynk Video

Visuals by:- Team Starve

SHREEMAAN | Official Music Video | Vynk Ft. AIR | VR1 Krew | Team Starve

Finally the very first music video by VR1 Krew is out now!

So, here we present “Shreemaan” by MC Vynk. Its a fun track that shows the story of some unwanted “Salah-kaars” that everyone have in their life.

Also here we throw some light to a completely different side of “Sharma Ji Ka Ladka” who is frustrated by such “Salah-kaars” and trying to convey a message to those people in a fun way. If you feel connected to the track or ever experienced such things in your life then share this track to the fullest.

Enjoy “Shreemaan”!


Written and Performed by:- Vynk

Beat by:Mitch Beats

Beat Rearranged by:- Vynk

Mixed and Mastered by:Vynk x DJ 10A

Video Shot and Edited by:Team Starve

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